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Vital Signs Monitor - Mintti Vision

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Digital Stethoscope - mintti Smartho D2

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ECG Patch - Mintti Heartbook

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Ear Thermometer - Mintti Breeze

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Wearable Thermometer - Mintti Coola

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Mesmooth All-In-One Beauty Device

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About Mintti Health Australia

Mintti Health Australia PTY LTD, an exclusive partner of Minttihealth, is dedicated to introducing advanced health monitoring technologies to Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment to healthcare innovation brings you a range of products designed to make health management more accessible, efficient, and reliable.

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Our Premier Health Solutions

Digital Stethosco...
Mintti Smartho-D2 Electronic Stethoscope, is a digital smart stethoscope featured with powerful amplification and active noise cancellation, which enables doc...
    Ear Thermometer -...
    Mintti Breeze infrared forehead and ear thermometer integrates with the latest built-in smart chip and AI algorithm. It can measure temperature with the highe...
      ECG Patch - Mintt...
      Mintti Heartbook Wearable Dynamic ECG Monitor, is a lightweight and comfortable ambulatory adhesive patch suitable for real-time monitoring cardiac monitoring...
        Vital Signs Monit...

        Mintti Vision is a portable and easy-to-use device that monitors vital signs using advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. It measures temperature, bl...

          Wearable Thermome...
          The Mintti Coola Continuous Monitoring Thermometer is a wearable smart medical device designed to be placed under the armpit. It allows parents to monitor the...


            Mintti Heartbook and Mintti Isteso are amazing products almost every healthcare provider should put to use. Let me tell you how exciting is working with Minttihealth devices,they work very well, the protocol is very well written, the signal is very stable. We couldn't have imagined how comfortable the devices are. Definitely recommendable and reliable.

            Prof. Dr med. Tayfun Aybek, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department

            I am in the technical team for the project Claudio is working on. As you can recall, we bought some of your HeartBooks. and we are now working to integrate them in our platform.
            In the first stance, let me tell you how exciting is working with your devices. They work very well and the protocol you sent us is very well written.

            Gregorio Palamà, Technician

            The NuvaMD project has been going very well.I want to personally thank you for all of your help and your patience as we build our product and our company. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship for your company and mine as we continue to move forward. Please share with your colleagues how extremely happy we are with your service and product.

            Anthony Wallace, Engineer

            Firstly. let me just say that your product, the Smartho-D2 Mintti Electronic Stethoscope is amazing. The technology is super useful and very timely especially with the global pandemic wherein everyone needs to observe physical distancing.

            Marck Romero , Engineer

            MinttiHealth is an innovative company with unique and extraordinary products. The products are amazing,reliable and well-fabricated. The sales team is superb! The technical support is very responsive - agility is the key of the success! The relation with the team always was a deferential, and everybody is well prepared to support the customer needs. We consider Mintti is our best supplier and partner. Very motivated and engaged team. Really we are lucky to be with Mintti along the road of success.

            Cesar Margarida, CEO

            Being a physician I would love to have real-time access to the device for remote patient monitoring and a digital scale built into the architecture to manage patients BMI's remotely .
            Those 2 added components and functionality will make this a superb product for any physicians office to sell to their patients. With the Corona Virus Pandemic now is the time to move medical to Remote Patient Monitoring without all of the usual price hikes with purchasing through USA medical equipment manufacturers and distributors.
            l see a huge market starting now!!!

            Marcos Deescobar, Physician


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