Elevating Healthcare Efficiency: Minttihealth’s Innovative Solutions for Personalized Chronic Disease Management

Elevating Healthcare Efficiency: Minttihealth’s Innovative Solutions for Personalized Chronic Disease Management

Explore Minttihealth’s digital health platform and its role in transforming the landscape of chronic disease care. Discover how Minttihealth’s advanced medical sensors and cost-effective services provide savings for both patients and healthcare providers. Learn about the potential for reduced hospital visits and medication costs, improved patient outcomes, and increased efficiency for healthcare providers. Contact Minttihealth at for tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability. Common chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses or conditions. Meanwhile, they can be treated and managed through digital health platforms.

Linking cloud computing services together, every health care organization could establish a digital health platform. It makes the organization become more successful and gives it the opportunity to grow even faster.

Minttihealthaustralia digital health platform provides seamless services for chronic conditions. It is also satisfying and offers cost savings to both patients and providers.

How Minttihealthaustralia can help patients save money:

  • Provides accessible healthcare with Minttihealthaustralia products or systems
  • Helps reduce hospital visits
  • Provides the potential for less medication if a patient’s chronic disease is more under control or eliminated through routine treatment.

How Minttihealthaustralia offers cost savings for providers:

  • Because of less turnover in exam rooms, doctors are able to see more patients;
  • Accommodate patients who work during regular business hours.

To meet the higher requirements for sensors on wearable medical equipment and in order to collect precise data, Minttihealthaustralia has adopted professional medical sensors developed by CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (MEMS Institute). MEMS developed sensors are smaller in size, have lower power consumption, and have better performance.

The sensors include infrared temperature sensors, accelerator, pressure sensor, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation sensor and piezoelectricsensor, which are applied to temperature, ECG, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring equipment.

A sensor’s accuracy is based off of the algorithm that it uses. With Minttihealth’s algorithm, accuracy is determined by their collection of data from multiple clinical sources and their propriety models, which automatically compiles data from any type of environment. The ECG monitors are all derived from a combination of heart rate, changes in heart rate, fluid pumping in the heart, respiratory rates and other data that has been collected.

Minttihealthaustralia has established partnerships with partners that develop apps to analyze uploaded medical data, which is then used to provide feedback to online doctors. Minttihealth’s scientists apply the block chain technology to medical scenarios in order to better guarantee security and privacy of personal medical data (including anonymous authentication and identity privacy protection) shared with doctors and medical professionals.

For more information on Mintti software, devices, and systems, or other solutions customized to your business goals and challenges, you may find out here, or request a Demo, you may also send us an email to:, we’ll respond shortly to your query.

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