ECG Patch - Mintti Heartbook

Mintti Heartbook Wearable Dynamic ECG Monitor, is a lightweight and comfortable ambulatory adhesive patch suitable for real-time monitoring cardiac monitoring at home or in any healthcare environment.
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ECG Patch - Mintti Heartbook

ECG Patch - Mintti Heartbook



Q1: How does the recorder shut down?
A1: Stop monitoring, exit the ECG monitoring interface, the recorder will automatically shut down after 5 minutes.
Q2: If wear the recorder without turn on the recorder, how to deal with?
A2: Long press the power button on the device back for over 3 seconds, then red light goes off after 3 seconds of steady light.
Q3: Can not import data?
A3: generally caused by poor contact. Please make sure the recorder is in good contact with the your heart.
Q4: What are the meanings of the three indicators on the charging box?
A4: After Short press,Red light goes on is the device off now; Blue light goes on is the device on now; No response is the device in low battery.
After Long Press,Red light goes off after 3 seconds of steady light is the switch on; Blue light flashes after 3 seconds then goes off is the device switch off. Without pressing, Blue light on is the Bluetooth has been connected, Red light flashes is Charging, Green light on is charging completed.


With one of the most effective methods of cardiac monitoring, Mintti Heartbook can detect arrhythmia, abnormal heart rate or rhythm, providing complete waveform annotations, accurate parameters extraction, smart abnormality lock-up and rapid diseases information entry.

As an intelligent medical-grade wearable ECG monitor, Mintti Heartbook can be used in after-surgery tracking (health management) for cardiac patients and continuous monitoring for the elderly, extreme sports enthusiasts, people under high pressure, or the sub-healthy people as well.

Lightweight and Antibacterial

Mintti Heartbook is lightweight and ultra-thin, comfortable with unique antibacterial plastic material for medical use.

Customizable Algorithm for Online Diagnosis

Online doctor consultation builds up the patient’s exclusive cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

Thorough Review of Heart Health

Mintti Heartbook makes a continuous ECG record and also monitors respiratory rate, activity tracking, heart rate, heart rate variability which provides a thorough review of your health condition.

Real-time Emergency Alert

With a Multi-parameter cardiac telemetry system,  Mintti Heartbook can have a real-time alert on APB, VPB, long interval, tachycardia and bradycardia.

Intelligent and Accurate

With complete waveform annotations, accurate parameters extraction, smart abnormality lock-up, and rapid diseases information entry, Mintti Heartbook provides convenient and instant diagnosis for users by simple operation.

Efficient and Timely

By using doctor’s limited time to complete the analysis in a timely manner, Mintti Heartbook can save averagely 23 hours to get access to medical reports,compared with hospital routine Dynamic ECG Recorder (Holter).


1. Q: Who should use Mintti Heartbook?
A: It is ideal for physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, or health-conscious individuals to detect and monitor arrhythmia, abnormal heart rate or rhythm. It can also be used as a response to treatment of cardiac disorders.

2. Q: Can Mintti Heartbook be used with a pacemaker?
A: If you have a pacemaker or other implanted device, we recommend you to talk to your doctor before using Mintti Heartbook.

3. Q: Is Mintti Heartbook water resistant?
A: Yes, Mintti Heartbook is water resistant. However, Mintti Heartbook is not intended to use during activities if the device will be completely submerged in water.

4. Q: Is Mintti Heartbook able to check HRV?
A: Yes, Mintti Heartbook can check HRV.

5. Q: When does the device begin measuring? Is it as soon as the device is placed on body or is there a command to be sent?
A: A command will be sent to start measuring by software.

6. Q: How can I read a MAC address?
A: The mac address can be obtained by scanning the host BLE.

7. Q: What is the real-time emergency alert by Mintti Heartbook?
A: With a built-in body posture sensor, Mintti Heartbook can send SMS alerts to the owner or guardian’s devices when a tumble occurs. It can also send real-time alerts about APB, VPB, long interval, tachycardia and bradycardia.

8. Q: What’s the best record duration?A: Mintti Heartbook is an all-weather ECG device enabling a long-term heart rate recording. Generally, the longer you use the device, the more accurate ECG recording you will get. A continuous measurement should be no less than 60 minutes every day and at least once a week with a measurement more than 10 hours throughout the day are recommended.


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